Business excellence has been embedded in Areion through experience and methodologies that enable Areion to persistently improve services and achieve the world class marquee. We offer the tools and expertise to meet the rising challenges you face each day, we can serve you as a single point of contact for aerodynamic right of entry to buy side due diligence. Our transactions service include:

Buy Side Due Diligence:

Businesses are frequently sold in an organised auction process. Competitive edge is vital and influenced by the ability to deliver speedy analysis around key issues. Successful bidders will need to complete focused due diligence to confirm price, funding and identify issues that require reflection in the sale and purchase agreement and completion accounts or the ‘locked box’ mechanism.

As buy side advisor, we help investors to evaluate loan and receivable portfolios through loan file and borrower due diligence, assistance with portfolio valuations, input regarding pricing and contractual negotiations, deal/opportunity sourcing and other ad hoc assistance. We work alongside at every stage of the acquisition process to provide support in analyzing the key issues that affect your bid.

Sell Side/Vendor Due Diligence:

Given current uncertainty around funding a transaction, investors now require a greater degree of information prior to committing their own resource. A vendor due diligence report is ideal when there is a competitive tension and a number of potential buyers.

As sell side advisor we can assist client with the selection of loan/debt portfolios strategies via a detailed analysis of the various costs/benefits of either ‘holding" or "selling", including the financial, capital and resource implications of same. We also advise on the optimal tranching of loans/debts, investor selection and communication, pre sale diligence of the portfolio, valuation of the portfolio, creation/maintenance of an on-line data room and assistance with sale and purchase documentation. We assist & provide this service to Public Sector Banks, Private Banks, Public Financial Institutions, NBFC, State Financial Institutions to unlock the value of dead assets by assisting them to sale their NPA portfolio at fair price.