An increased emphasis by Reserve Bank of India on improving asset quality and capital adequacy is causing a number of Bank and Institutions to focus on NPA Management or companies members have ample experience, expertise skill sets and persistent approach to smooth the process of resolution and make final settlement of Loan.

In recent decades, many companies have experienced banking and financial institutional problem requiring a major and expensive overhaul of their financial system. Accordingly, our company focus is on solving the problem by either dispose of assets hived off from a financial institutions balance sheet or restructure corporate debt.

Debt Recovery:

Debt Collection is Areion speciality, driven by well-trained employees with a high degree of expertise and professionalism. Collection tools such as telephone calls, demand letters, skip tracing, internet searches and litigation are supported by up to date technology that achieves strong recovery outcomes with maximum efficiency and reliability. We are empanelled with major Banks and Financial Institutions as Resolution Agent.


Areion works alongside Legal Associates. Our Legal Partners are specialist commercial litigation and DRT, High Court & Supreme Court practicenors. It comprises a team of dedicated and experienced litigation and dispute resolution lawyers. Through this partnership, Areion can offer its clients a cost-effective and seamless process when litigation is required against borrowers.

Skip Tracing:

The entire Areion team is well trained in cost effective skip tracing techniques. Areion maintains rigorous compliance with current legislation and the RBI/Banks Debt collection guidelines for collectors and Lenders.