Debt restructuring services allows a private or public company or a sovereign entity facing cash flow problems and financial distress, to reduce and renegotiate its delinquent debts in order to improve liquidity and rehabilitate to continue its operations. Restructuring Services provides investigation, restructuring, turnaround and insolvency advice and services to underperforming and financially distressed businesses, their lenders, stakeholders and advisors.

Ours Companies expertise team helps, debt restructuring by investing and understanding company’s profile or difficulties that a company is going through and then provide optimal solution. The following are some of common indicators of restructuring in which our expertise has hands on experience:-

  • Compress working capital situation
  • Deteriorating working capital metrics and lack of accountability
  • An inability to manage seasonal fluctuations
  • Unanticipated/unpredicted fall down of profitability
  • Unsound running costs.
  • Effort to negotiate with bankers, creditors, vendors and tax authorities.
  • Reduction of debt and an extension of payment terms.

Successful turnarounds frequently require operational change and performance improvement as well financial restructuring. Our specialists deliver tangible benefits in these stressful situations, typically to hit specific business targets, in a practical hands-on and supportive way. We work closely with management teams to:

  • Plan operational restructures and performance improvement as part of the preparation of a turnaround plan;
  • Support the implementation of restructuring and improvement actions during the turnaround.

Once the scale of the restructuring challenge is understood, we can assist with various enhancements that result in significant revenue/margin improvements. Our style is to deploy a small, senior team which works hand in hand with the management team, drawing on sector specialists and subject matter experts throughout Areion to:

  • Provide an independent, experienced perspective, focused on outcomes/target delivery;
  • Provide financial and operational rigor to identify, challenge and validate tangible one-off and sustainable benefits;
  • Deliver those benefits and track the results through hands-on management;
  • Stop prevarication and concentrate management on achieving the target.

Our team plans and supports the rapid implementation of revenue or margin improvement and cost reduction opportunities throughout an organization, not on report writing. They are skilled at working in environment under stress where organizations lack data, where complex structures and slow decision making exist and where delivery of tangible benefits is challenging.